Saturday, November 24

prepping to leave part deux

I'm all jabbed up (vaccinated) . . . luck for me the vaccines are good for life (after I get a booster in a year).

Also this morning I did:
1. exchanged £100 for 6000.00 thai baaht
2. exchanged £100 for US$200
3. mailed a parcel to Matt & John (which Jim got them back in August & I just never mailed)
4. made 3 copies of my passport front page, UK visa, and Vietnam visa
5. got 2 sets of keys made for my flat
6. bought sponges for the kitchen at work - to clean our tea mugs with
7. bought 2 new pillows
8. bought a new duvet cover and fitted sheet (always good to have 1 spare)
9. bought 2 light bulbs for the lamp I got at IKEA this past weekend (I forgot at the time bulbs weren't included)
10. got my Hep A vaccine + typhoid (combine jab) in my right upper deltoid
11. got my polio/diphtheria/tetanus (combine jab) in my left upper deltoid
12. got anti-malaria tablets (cost of £90, but essential!!!)
13. got anti-diarrhoeal "kit" (not spelling difference to US)
14. got bug spray with 50% DEET - not just against malaria but all the other not so nice illnesses the mosquitoes carry in the areas I'm going to

all of which was done probably within a 3 mile radius, most of the buying was on Kentish Town Road (where I use to live) and the jabs were all in Belsize Park (2 stops north of Camden Town but on the other branch (so equally north of Camden as I am in Tufnell Park), if that makes any sense?!?!?!

All of the above was done by noon, now that I'm at work I've gotten my poster printed & they have a "messed up" copy which I'm allowed to keep & will bring home at Christmas for everyone to enjoy & marvel over (since I know you're all dying to see it!!!!)

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