Sunday, November 11

Drinking UK Style

The first big difference is the legal age to drink Americans cannot drink until 21, while in all Commonwealth countries it is only 18!

Pubs/bars in Britain traditionally closed at 11 p.m., while 1 or 2 a.m. is more traditional in the US. England did recently passed new legislation allowing for late night drinking, but the pub must apply & pay for this "late licence".

To those who drink beer this next part can be a real shock to the system!! In Britain, beers (ales/bitters), are served warm (as in room temp) where as Americans expect their beer chilled.

Another difference which is common in the UK is to mix beer with sweet drinks. A 50/50 mix of beer and lemonade (Sprite) is called a “shandy”. Another new one for me was learning about “Lime & Lager” – a shot of lime cordial is mixed into a beer. Incidentally, Sprite or 7Up in the is called lemonade while I grew up knowing lemonade as a drink from lemons, sugar and water.

Most people in the UK have what is known as a “local”. This is a pub close to home or work which they frequent, you get to know everyone there and vice verse. It's also a place to visit friends or just to sit and read a book while having a quiet beer, which was a bit strange to me at first, but now a part of life for me.

Drinking alcohol on a regular basis is much more a way of life. More often than not the average person will consume some form of alcohol every single day (at least I think) even if it is just a quick beer at their local on the way home. My impression is that in USA those who consume alcohol on a daily basis are more looked upon as problem drinkers.

Many work places have a "bar" in their building and staff are encouraged to socialize over a few drinks after work on a Friday. Like at LSHTM, we have a bar on the lower ground floor which everyone congregates at at 5pm on Friday.

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At 11 November, 2007 13:58, Blogger PCS said...

Does the LSHTM still have a bar that is open at lunch and after work?

At 11 November, 2007 14:17, Blogger Sara said...

It's only open Wed-Fri 5pm till the person working wants to go home (anywhere from 6 to midnight) but not open at lunch, but the refractory serves beer & wine


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