Thursday, September 13

Andrew H in town :)

Anna, my trainer & mate, left work today at 5pm for her new TB job at the Royal Free Hospital in Belsize Park on Monday :(

But in good news I got to meet up with my mate Andrew who's originally from Scotland, but been working in Sudan for the past year on transmission of diseases via parasite (like malaria from mosquitoes & other buggers like that) so that was awesome to see him. Even funnier was at dinner tonight he was whining about turning 30 next year & then it came out his b'day is 18 March, so yes, I'm OLDER!!!! We had a good chuckle about that. I will try to post the photos on my blog later this weekend.

Might hire a car & drive up to Nottingham & visit Becks, but haven't attempted to hire the car yet so that might not actually happen . . .


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