Saturday, September 8

World Cup Rugby & CO2 footprint

So America sucks at rugby compared to other teams around the world & that was proven today when they played England in their first match of the WCRugby 2007. They lost 28-3 :(

In other more exciting news, I booked my flights home for me Christmas holiday, I'll be arriving Friday Dec 21 at around 19.00 into JFK and leaving EARLY (07.40) on Monday Jan 7th.

Aside from that I don't have much to report, well aside from my mate Anna's leaving do last night, hopefully I'll get the photos uploaded tomorrow, but no promises. We had such a great time, didn't get home to LATE, hence why I have lil to report today seeing as I was up at 09.30 this morning, but went back to bed till 15.00 and only got up b/c I had plans to meet people at the pub for the rugby, lol.

We all know I do a lot of traveling, but when you add it all up here is my 2007 CO2 footprint in flights alone (this does include my future trip to Thailand & trip home at Christmas):
Number of Yearly Flights: 6
Total Flights under 730 miles: 0
Total Flights under 2580 miles: 0
Total Flights over 2580 miles: 6
Total Miles Traveled: 35610
Your Annual CO2 Emissions:
6.3 Metric Tons

To calculate your CO2 footprint click here (thanks Shann for this link)

Okay, off to bed now, hope you're all having a good weekend!!

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At 09 September, 2007 16:25, Blogger jen said...

i love rugby! i'm going to try to watch some.

i bet england would do worse against the US at american football than we did against them in rugby. at least we tried!


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