Monday, June 25

I've been tagged

I was just tagged by H from that's what she said

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Let's see 8 things all about me . . .

1. I am really loving living in London, England, and could not do it without my "family" over here, Jim & Rob. !

2. That being said I really miss my friends & family in the states - it's weird not being around for birthdays & actual birth days (Sylwia's due any day now! I was there days after Owen & Maya were both born, so this will be a bit strange)

3. I spent 4 summers working at a Boy Scout camp - some of my best memories growing up came from the friends I met there - most of us are still in touch on a pretty regular basis - this camp gave me my older brothers I always wanted.

4. In January 2002 I torn my knee up skiing with friends from summer camp and they had to take part of my hamstring to make me a new ACL (anterior cruciate ligament), touch wood I've had no major problems with it, but the recovery time was long & rather grueling - I wouldn't wish it on an enemy!

5. Every time I see Dead Man Walking I cry - you'd think my now I'd be prepared for the ending, but it just gets me every time.

6. On Saturday night I had the best Kosher hamburgers in the world with Persian rice - my flatmate & I made it all and it was divine.

7. I'm a bit frustrated at work these days because different rooms are being totally re-done so we have limited hours of use and have to share space (between 2 labs we're allowed a maximum of 12 units - those of you who know what I'm talking about imagine that!! There are 3 post-docs, 1 new PhD, 2 PhD student, 3 MSc students and me all sharing just 12 units)

8. Today we got to take a visiting PhD student out to lunch at our local fav Thai place just down the road for some "free" food :) and on Friday we're going to the London Zoo for our GB Lab Outing - that makes up for the above frustrations with my job!!

Let me see I have to tag people, but considering most people I know have been tagged with this I'm just going to offer this up to the general public, feel free to answer it in the comments section or leave a comment with the link to your blog . . . enjoy!



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