Tuesday, June 19

post #702

first off can you believe I've made 702 posts?!?!?! I sure as heck can't!!

Thanks to my mum & her mate Catherine out in Portland, OR I received this awesome video today which I thought would be nice to share with all of you - the music is nice & relaxing as well.

NOTE: I left at 16.30 today, not as early as yesterday but I was reading a paper & trying to positive about work, even though the supplies still hadn't arrived!


At 20 June, 2007 01:09, Anonymous SusieJ said...

That is so COOOL!

At 20 June, 2007 04:59, Blogger BRAINCHEESE said...

702? That's like...that's like...well, I suck at math, but that's like a couple of year's worth, isn't it?!? LOL

Linda D. in Seattle

At 20 June, 2007 10:17, Blogger Sara said...

yeah well if you divide 702 in half you get 351, and since the blog is just over 2 years old I'm averaging almost a post a day, which is ruddy good I think!!


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