Monday, June 25

Sad day for Gunners

Arsenals' striker, Thierry Henry (#14), has chosen to move to a new team, Barcelona. Here are some nice photos of his time with Arsenal since he joined the team in 1999. It is a sad day for the Gunners, but I think it will also give some of the other strikers (van Persie, Bendtner, Adebayor) a chance to really shine, of course maybe I'm a bit bias as I think that Robin van Persie is super cute :)

Aside from that news I don't have much else to report, weekend was rathre uneventful. Friday night relaxed at home. Saturday Estee & I went walking in Highgate Woods and arrived home just in time before the sky opened with thunder, lightening & heavy rain. We made a nice dinner with things we had in the house cause we couldn't be arsed to go out shopping! We had Kosher hamburgers with onions & spices along with aubergines and Persian rice (which is fried potatoes at the bottom & then rice on top). That night Estee, Zarina, Giulia and I all went out to a pub in New Southgate to meet up with E's cousin Stephen since one of Stephen's flatmates was having a bit of a get together with his friends for his birthday. Estee had told us it was a fancy dress party (costume dress up for Americans) but we just went in our normal clothes. What we did not realise is that all the South Africans who were there were really into the fancy dress & so we stuck out like sore thumbs. It was fun, but around midnight we decided to head home to have tea & biscuits at our place :) Sunday Estee & I went to TKMax (like TJMax in the states) and then to Yasir Halim's in Palmers Green to get some fresh fruit & veg at good prices. After we got home we did our rota cleaning & then I buggered off to Jim & Rob's for Sunday roast dinner.

And now I'm back at work today . . . fun fun fun. I took a few photos on Saturday night of my flatmates with my camera phone & hope to figure out out to get them onto my computer to share with all of you at a later date.

In other news, my blog has been rated G for everyone - yeah!! Online Dating

This rating was determined based on the presence of the following words: piss (1x) If you fancy knowing your rating click here



At 25 June, 2007 15:02, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I keep missing your calls!!! Probably because I never have my cell phone on me!


At 25 June, 2007 15:18, Anonymous Anonymous said...

haha you rated your blog... G! i think mine might be R. oops.

also, i tagged you. check out my latest post for the meme rules.


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