Wednesday, June 20

69 today

Since it's my Dad's birthday today and I'm not there to sing to

him in person here is a youtube video.

Just for the record I was the FIRST person to call &

wish him a happy birthday.

I called before I left for work making it around 02.50 his time!!!

update as of 13.22: Happy Birthday to Jen as well


At 20 June, 2007 12:52, Blogger jen said...

hey, it's my birthday too!

happy birthday to us, sara's dad!

At 20 June, 2007 14:28, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy, Happy Birthday Daddio!

Too bad I can't toast you with a "vodka neat"!

-Shannon and Barrett ( who will not be toasting with Vodka, but maybe just seven up)


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