Tuesday, May 8

my return from mini Amercia :)

This just makes me giggle (off the Transport for London website): "CIRCLE LINE: Severe delays are occurring due to earlier trespassers on the track." That's the reason I take the bus!!!

So as you can guess I'm back from my trip to Germany & I've got 3 stamps in my passport to prove it & a record with the US military, as I had to get a pass for the weekend. The flight was only 1 hour so I'm sure I'll be returning to visit my new friends. We primarily were at Ramstein but I was also at 2 other local bases, Spangdahlem and Baumholder (which is actually an Army base)

I don't have a lot of time to write at the moment as I'm at work doing a Cytometric Bead Assay (fun fun fun) but fingers crossed we should have the internet set up at home as of tomorrow afternoon - YEAH - I will write more then & be able to add photos (double YEAH!!)



At 08 May, 2007 20:34, Blogger Jilly Bean said...

Looking forward to the photos! Hey, what's an Assay?


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