Monday, August 28

Notting Hill Carnival

So I woke up early this morning to make sure that Mike didn't miss his flight, airports in London are a bit crazy with all the added security & today is a Bank Holiday, so everyone and their brother is flying. We left with plenty of time, waited 15 minutes for the bus to Kings Cross, hopped on the Piccadilly line & were at Heathrow terminal 3 in no time at all. I got Mike checked in & then headed back into central London, since I'd made plans to meet up with Amanda & Heather to go to the Notting Hill Carnival.

Not really anything like the
Saranac Lake Winter Carnival but honestly, what carnival can compare to SL's??? The one in NH, was CRAZINESS, tons of loud music, so much so that your chest hurt from the drumming. We walked around lost Heather's two flatmates in the crowd, had to pay £1 to use one of the grossest toilets I've ever had to use in my life, got stuck in a crowd that was being pushed back by bobbies, finally found out where we were on a map, discovered it was not anywhere close to where we wanted to be, also decided we were all knackered & wanted to go home, so we attempted to beeline it for Queen's Park (where Heather lives) but this time got stuck in a group of about 500 people all pushing & shoving down the pavement, aaaaahhhhhhh how I miss the quietness of the Adirondacks at moments like those!! Finally after about 2 hours of pushing, shoving, elbowing, and being bowled over by some guy who was 4x my size, we found our way home. We had thought about meeting up with mates from uni but once we discovered they were at the other end of the masses, we opted to all just go home & relax. We are potentially going up to Cambridge tomorrow.

When I got home tonight I decided to check up on some of my friends blogs which I've neglected recently while writing my thesis & all that jazz, take a look at what
LocuTus of Borg wrote today, I couldn't have said it better!!!!!!!! I'm off to watch a movie & eat some dinner, hope everyone is having a good Monday :) Tarra


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