Thursday, August 24

we're 99.78% there :)

So we've got the B&W copy of our papers printed, just need to xerox them, getting our colour copies printed as I type, then will bind them tonight in KT and hand them in tomorrow morning, we were going to hand in this afternoon, but since it's now that time & the colour copier we were going to use had a bit of a problem, we're not at uni having it done . . . there might have been some minor fits, but luckily Mike was here to keep the two of us calm, he said, "ok, what do we need" then made sure we had all of our stuff & walked us to uni (30 minutes) then has been sitting calmly with us while we print & find out the printer ran out of paper & the building is out of paper, so we switched computer labs & were able to get it all done. This might not make so much sense reading wise b/c my mind is SHOT. I'm just glad that Mike was here to keep the two of us from melting & from being hit by cars!! Well just wanted to let ya know . . .


Safe travels dad, see ya soon xxoo

P.S. for those of you who were wondering what Mike's been up to (Can't remeber what I've written so far), we had chocolate birthday cake for him when he first arrived, Jim took him out that night with the team (all his police mates) and Mike never came home (lol) he's not sure where he stayed but he made it back mine around 1pm the following day. Luckily Jim had written his mobile number on his arm so when Mike got lost coming home he was able to call him & get directions to KT, then luckily for him again he remembered where the Assembly House was and was able to get directions to my flat from Jos. He slept most of the day yesterday & then took us out to dinner (yes you read that correctly Mr. Michael Toste, bought me & MissyLou dinner last night) . . . not just any old McD's dinner, but STEAKS, for a grand total bill of £65 (that's about $120) then he watched movies while I put the finishing touches on my paper. Then he came with me to Jeremy's flat this morning & has been with us ever since.


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