Sunday, August 27

O'Neill's Irish Pub

Here a photo from last Monday night, when we attempted to do some work, but ended up meeting up with Jim & Rob at the Camden Tup (where Jade from the Assembly House now works) to drop off my flat keys & stayed for 4 hours . . . .
MissyLou trying hard to be studious

Last night, Mike went off with Jim & Rob around 5pm yesterday, while I took a much needed nap! I met up with them later at 9pm at O'Neill's Irish Pub the one on Wardour Street. Here are some of the photos from last night:
Mike & Jim
me, Jim & Brian (random guy we met from St Louis)
me, Jim, Brian, B's dad
Mike, me, Jim
me, Jim, Charlotte, Brian & B's dad
Sam, me, Julia, Jim, B's dad, Brian


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