Thursday, June 8

2-4-1 (week 2)

So some of us took a wee study break this evening and went to the movies (again the Orange two student tickets for the price of one - I mean how can you go wrong??)

Jeremy, Susan, Louise & I went to see
The Da Vinci Code. As we all sorta expected the book was better, but there wasn't much else we were inclined to see, since the only other choices were X-Men III (we saw last week), United 93 (not sure I want to see that), and Da Vinci Code.

Well I'm doing fine, still living in the library . . . Sorry if I haven't been in the best of moods recently. I'm a bit stressed with all this studying & exams. I apologize in advance if I've been short or not kept touch, but when you get home from 10 hours of library studying, you're just not in the mood to check emails or talk on the phone. I read all the emails that come in, I just rarely reply.

I promise 2 weeks from today this will all be over & I'll be in a better frame of mind.


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