Friday, June 16

13.19 BST

Well we're consistent in our study breaks (I posted at about the same exact times yesterday as I am today)

Here is a beautiful photo of our lunch . . . YES, it's a salad (cost £3) of lettuce, tomato, carrot, cucumber, cheese, bacon (real none of those baco crap things!) & red pepper.

close up of the lovely veggies :)

salad with the beloved "Salad Cream"

I spoke about this dressing once before in a post (I think), we all know how much I love Hidden Valley's Ranch dressing, well Heinz's Salad Cream is even better!!!

Let me think of other interesting things we've done this week that I've forgotten to post about . . . ah yes . . . drink our body weight in orange squash a day! You can image we spend lot of study breaks running to the loo because of this! And yet another fun study break this week has been answeringquizzess on myspace and reading our mates responses.

Well it's nearly 13.30 and we took a rather long break earlier when trying to post MissyLou's dad's Father's day card (I had to post mine awhile back if I wanted it to arrive anywhere close to Father's day, along with a Birthday card since Dad's birthday is coming up on Tuesday)

TGIF . . .


At 16 June, 2006 15:12, Blogger PCS said...

Do you have an oral exam by an external examiner as well.....we did.

At 16 June, 2006 15:13, Blogger PCS said...

Oh yeah. And do you get your diploma handed to you by a member of the royal family? I didn't stay for my graduation, but if I had, the Queen Mother would have handed me my diploma.


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