Saturday, June 3

Check in part 2

Guten Tag = Good day

Weather today was 75 and sunny!!! I LOVED IT, I had to actually come back to KT to change my shoes to flip flops & trousers to capris because I was so warm in my trainers & jeans!!

Had a lovely dinner at the Thai place with Susan, Heather, Dom & Amanda, followed by dessert at Haagen Daz!

Then Susan & I went to Borders for a bit, followed by a walk back up to Kentish Town.

Tomorrow's plan is library from 1-4, followed by study group, and if the weather holds a walk in Hampstead Heath!!

Danke Schon = Thank you

Auf Wiedersehen = Good bye


At 04 June, 2006 14:09, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good study schedule--interspersed with good times with friends, exercise, etc. Glad for sunny weather. Lifting the spirits . . .
Love, Mommio


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