Monday, May 29

A few random photos from today

So I've been home today doing my wash, studying, organizing my notes, checking email, chatting online with friends & taking a few random photos which I will now share with you:

a year of immunology notes . . . What fun!
my green thumb - spider plant is MissyLou's but the others were from basil I bought outside the tube stop, put in water to keep fresh & then it started to root itself, so now I have two small basil plants - must have a green thumb :)
my pals - Cartwheels (monkey in the back), George (monkey on left), Brody (Welsh dragon), and Super Trooper (grey bear)
snacks before cooking snack after cooking - chicken kiev balls with yorkshire puddings
gift from Patty & Matt (Sara means Princess)
Calendar showing not a whole heck of a lot of time to study for these finals!!


At 29 May, 2006 22:31, Anonymous Anonymous said...

beautiful calendar - where did you pick that up in London? I want one for my office, all I have is bloody photos of the UK


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