Thursday, June 15


Of course MissyLou & I were hard at work studying when this match was being played, but there were two occasions when we were sure that England had scored due to the loud cheers coming up through the floor boards, but it wasn't until we took our study break at 20.55 that we learned the official score . . . England did it again beating Trinidad-Tobago 2-0 this evening! Apparently the USA team could use a little counseling.

Crouch & Gerrard smiling away

So did I tell you we figured out the "ideal" study schedule for ourselves here in KT??? We study for 1 hour, take a 10 min walk/study break and then work again for an hour . . . works out very well, we found without the breaks we were getting TOO tired & agitated, course no clue what we will do on Monday & Tuesday when it comes time to sitting the exam for 3 hours of writing :( but I'm sure we'll figure something out (fingers crossed!)
Interesting fact that not many American's seem to know (apparently) England, Scotland, and Wales all have separate football teams & during common wealth games they play separately, but in the Olympics they play together under the title of Great Britain . . . interesting little tid bit, ah?


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