Sunday, May 28

Last of the Patty & Matt photos

So Friday night, P,M, & I went to see The Producers to celebrate our mum's birthday (thanks to my mate Susan's parent's idea to celebrate even if the celebrity is not available - LOL) We had fantastic seats!! FIRST ROW CENTER & Patty even got to help an actor in the second half. After that we were all pretty knackered so we stopped into my local so Matt could get a pint of Guinness & ask for the pint glass (his mission was to get as many as possible) - I asked Jocelyn & she said no worries, she'd even give us a clean one!!!

Saturday we had a wee lie in, then all showered & headed towards Borough Market. We had "lunch" there, ya know how the market goes . . . more like grazing from stand to stand. We started with souvlaki, then a beef burger with grilled onions & tomato sauce (aka ketchup), baklava, and some fresh hard cider. Matt was a big fan of this 8% stuff, Patty & I weren't so impressed.

From there we headed up to The Cambridge Arms followed by The Spice of Life. From there Susan, Matt, Patty & I left to hit up Harrods - we had a mission, to visit the chocolate bar!! Susan had never been & she loves chocolate, so we took her for a surprise visit. It was of course fantastic!

We had dinner at The Lamb near Russell Square, so they could have their last Fish & Chips in England :) As always the food was fantastic AND Matt loved their Young's pint glass, so that got nicked as well - lol! P&M left from there to go to the Oxford (in Kentish Town) to try to pinch a few more pint glasses (N.B. they got 2 more) Susan & went to Haagen Dazs in Leicester Square, which FYI is open till 2am on the weekends - it's two floors with couches & if you sit near a window you can see the whole world go by if you sit long enough! We had to wait in the queue for about 10 minutes, but it was well worth it!!

It won't let me post the photos so I'll try it in another blog


At 28 May, 2006 16:48, Anonymous mommio said...

went to your yahoo photo site and finished seeing the photos (ending with 2 of you and Patty?) What fun to see the great shots. Thanks, love, Mommio


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