Wednesday, December 9

Do you think I'm crazy

So far I've sold 2 book cases, 2 bed side tables, a coffee table, and hopefully more tonight.  I don't officially leave my flat until Jan 20, 2010, but I'm getting rid of all of my stuff now, does that make me crazy?  I'm not sure where I'll be putting all my things in the mean time, but I just LOVE clearing the furniture out of it & making money in the process . . . I think I'm starting to become obsessed with it ;-) just kidding, but really if all goes well tonight I'll be off loading my desk, glass front entertainment centre, 4 plants, and possibly some kitchen stuff.  I might have to go out & buy some paper plates & bowls before dad even arrives if the sales continue to go as well as they have been.  I think I'm most excited about how prepared I am getting for this move - I'm very much a wait till the last possible minute to do anything kinda person (ask my mum, she's always laughing when I call the night before I'm flying to ask if I've even thought about starting to pack, knowing full well I haven't given it two seconds worth of thought)

Last night I was having trouble sleeping because I'm so excited about my travels, I fear this problem will only be getting worse in the coming days so I'm going to have to start counting sheep or reindeer or sleeping pills in order to get some kip.  Finally when I did fall asleep last night I dreamt that I had named by rucksack Penelope (don't ask where the name came from, it's another random long story*) and that I was writing my travel blog from the point of view of her.  I'm wondering if this is a really crazy idea or if people would enjoy reading it . . . I must admit I think this idea came from the fact that recently I finished The Art of Racing in the Rain, which is written from the dog's point of view.  Side note, I highly recommend that book!!  I'm now reading We Need to Talk About Kevin & I'm not sure I'll be recommending it to anyone!

Okay, back to my point . . . what do you as my readers thing of my idea of writing from the point of view of my rucksack, Penny?

* for those who have to know the story: Penelope was a horse I knew when I worked at summer camp - she was a small grey horse with the grumpiest attitude ever, if given the chance to kick someone she did it, if given the chance to bite a child who was grooming her, she did it as well.  All the kids at camp wanted to ride her cause she was small & if they were scared of falling off they thought it'd be best to be closest to the ground - I tried to warn them that she was ornery, but 10 year old boys don't listen so well.  By the end of the summer it was hard to find a boy who would ride her without being "forced" to.  Last night in my dream (before the rucksack naming) I was dreaming of all the horses at camp along with the ones mum & I owned growing up so I think when my dream switched phases Penny's name was stuck in my brain & that's where it came from . . . I think.

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At 11 December, 2009 21:46, Blogger Jenn G said...

i personally would love to hear penny's perspective of the road. i think it'd be refreshing...and she probably would see a lot of things you don;t. would her eyes be facing backward?

At 13 December, 2009 16:01, Blogger Sara said...

Thanks Jenn for your comment - I'm gonna go with it!


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