Tuesday, August 5

Before the Rains (the movie)

tonight I went to see the movie, Before the Rains, it was a good movie and I think my mum would really like it!

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At 07 August, 2008 02:25, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Guess where I spent this evening?? Can't guess...well I am seeing Strong Memorial Hospital from the inside out!! I twisted my ankle and ended up in the ER r as they say ED (which I thought was Erectile Dysfunction) but apparently is Emergency Department!! I was on my way to the bus to my car and twisted my ankle stepping off the curb and had to call Troy...you know what kind of DR he is PhD only!! LOL He was great and drove me to and from but I sent him away so he didn't have to witness City ER life!! Well I took some pain killers and now I am off to bed...I have not heard of the movie you saw...will have to look it up as I am always up for a good movie!!

At 08 August, 2008 19:56, Blogger mary o said...

thanks for the suggestion!

love, mommio

right here we're having "during the rains" just keeps raining and raining with thunder & lightening. Quid barks at the thunder; runs outside to attack it. Can't figure out where it is! lmao


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