Monday, August 27

Book Club in review 1

So Cormac McCarthy has won the UK's oldest literary award for his book The Road, which I read as part of Jen's summer book club & to be honest I'm not impressed with it. I can't believe he got £10,000 for winning this award, not to say he's not a good writer, I just don't think this book was worth that amount by any means . . . maybe I missed the meaning of the book, who knows.

On the Road by Jack Kerouac is another of my book club books, which again being honest (since it is the best policy) I enjoyed more than The Road, but still wasn't a huge fan of that one either. Just about half way through it I started to think it was almost predictable & I just wanted him to stop in a city & tell me they were all going to live happily ever after.

Wickett's Remedy is the book I'm currently reading and with 50 pages left to go I can say it is my favourite yet. It's a novel about the 1918 flu epidemic in Boston, MA. I think one of my favourite bits is how Myla Goldberg puts in snippets from actual newspaper articles from that time period and then there are letters from Quentin Driscoll to his wife & son, which makes him a bit less horrible of a man at least in my eyes, you'll have to read it to understand what I mean!

Next two from the list are Little House on the Prairie and Lady Oracle, will let ya know how those go when I'm done . . . Do you have any thoughts on these books, have you ready any, would you recommend them, give me your 2 cents!!!



At 27 August, 2007 02:04, Blogger jen said...

i'm glad you are liking "Wickett's Remedy," i'm really excited to read that one. i've been wanting to read it since i heard an interview with the author on NPR when the book was first published.

i just finished "American Gods" -- i liked it a lot. i liked "Midnight's Children" and "Lady Oracle" too. but honestly, of the four summer reading books i've read so far, "Little House" has been my favorite.

i'm reading "The Road" next - i have to read it for my real life book club as well. it's interesting that you weren't impressed with it, my friend cameron isn't enjoying it much either. i was surprised to hear she isn't liking it, since it got such rave reviews. but i'm still really looking forward to reading it. i remember loving "All the Pretty Horses" when i read it years ago.


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