Monday, July 9

fingers & toes A to Z

still sick, stayed home from work for the day . . . feeling slightly better, but now my nose hurts from blowing it so much . . . sometimes you just can't win! hoping another good nights sleep will make me better for tomorrow, fingers & toes crossed!

i've been tagged by Linda D (see links on side bar)

A- Attached or Single? single
B- Best Friend: Too many to choose from, so I'll go by location at the moment which puts Jim in the top slot :)
C- Cake or Pie: carrot cake!
D- Drink of Choice: water at the mo since i'm sick
E- Essential Item: toothbrush
F- Favourite Color: purple
G- Gummi Bears or Worms? worms all the way!
H- Hometown: A tiny village called Ardsley, NY
I- Indulgence: steak dinner at Aberdeen Steak House
J- January or February: January all the way, since it's the best month of the year since my birthday falls in it as well!!!
K- Kids: are wonderful
L- Life is incomplete without: (I'd have to agree with Linda on this one): music
M- Marriage Date: is something people should remember
N- Number of Siblings: one lil sis
O- Oranges or Apples? Apples...only because you can't make PIE out of oranges
P- Phobia: snails!
Q- Favourite Quote: Practice Random Acts of Kindness & Senseless Beauty
R- Reasons to smile: anything!
S- Season: there any season prettier than that?
T- Tag Three: Shann, Rock Chick, and SusieJ
U- Unknown Fact About Me: can't tell you or it wouldn't be unknown!
V – Vegetarian or Oppressor of Animals? not a veggy, but wouldn't call myself an oppressor of animals
W- Worst Habit: cracking my knuckles!
X – X-rays or Ultrasounds? neither b/c that means they think something is wrong with me - lol
Y- Your Favorite Foods: Indian, Thai, Italian, and Mexican
Z- Zodiac: Aquarius


At 10 July, 2007 14:24, Anonymous Shannon said...

Doing it now girlfriend! Congrats to Kev, Slywia and whole fam!!!

At 12 July, 2007 21:49, Anonymous Amanda said...

Still with the snails, huh?

At 17 July, 2007 01:22, Anonymous dad said...

well, live and learn...cracking nuckles...where did you learn that?


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