Sunday, July 8

Billy & Lee 2

check the link from yesterday's post below for the additional photos i added today. felt a bit crap last night when i went to bed, took 2 nyquils & felt pretty good in the am, minus a minor headache, but took 2 advil & off we went. was fine until around 8pm when i started to crash, now my head is killing me, my teeth/gums hurt, my throat hurts, my eyes hurt when i blink, my nose alternates between stuffy & runny . . . just plain old not feeling good at all, so i'm off to bed now. but fyi, yesterday we went to the cotswolds & today we did avebury & bath. i will see them again at noon on tuesday when we meet at green park tube station to go get a pub lunch & then some shopping at harrods.


At 09 July, 2007 02:19, Anonymous dad said...

sorry to hear of your illnesses. hope it passes with good sleep. love dad


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