Friday, June 29

phone photos

So my new free phone which I got when I signed a year contract has a great lil camera on it & last weekend when we went out to the SA fancy dress party I took a few shots & Estee (one of my flatmates) took 2 photos of me thought I'd share them all with you. ALSO I took a photo of ALL of the snails that were outside earlier, as we all know by now I'm not keen on these lil suckers & they were EVERYWHERE today :( Lastly I'll post the photo of the inside of the Ethiopian restaurant that Dad & I eat in one of his last nights in London (well for this last trip that is) I'm off to bed now, hope you enjoy . . .

I count at least 11 in that one photo!!!!!!!!!!

interior of restaurant with yummy food

Zarina (Indian-English, born/raised in Germany) & Giulia (Italian)

Zarina, Stephen (Estee's cousin) and me

me laughing at Estee when I didn't realise she was snapping a photo of me



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