Sunday, July 9

Sunday check in

Well easy & uneventful did not describe last nights trip home from Kings Cross! We were able to get the 9.30 train from Cambridge to Kings X without a problem, but I did not realize there were problems with the northern line so I just jumped on it - got the Edgeware branch of the northern line (only edgeware was on the line up) figured I could just change at Camden Town easily enough. While at Euston station they made some announcement about Camden & Kentish Town but I could not hear it because they had the fans blowing so hard to try to keep it cool (aka below 85F), none of us in the carriage could understand a word of it, the doors closed & off we went so I figured it was nothing important since Camden Town was the next stop. Then just outside Camden the train made a sudden stop & no announcement was made, after about 10 minutes the conductor came through the doors (we were all sitting in the last carriage) with a not so happy face on & went to the back of the carriage, slammed some doors, did something & came stomping back through. The girl next to me tried to ask him a question & he yelled at her with a grumpy mutter & again none of us understood him. Then another 5 minutes later we started up again, stopped in Camden Town & I got off to get the High Barnet branch BUT they had the gates up over that entrance, so I just went upstairs & got the bus home :) Turns out the northern line between Camden Town & Finchley Central was done for engineering works, guess that's what the guy was telling us at Euston . . . luckily I can jump on any of the three buses that go up Kentish Town Road!!

I had a FANTASTIC time - I must say it was one of my favourite outing this year! Will write more about it when I get the photos, I forgot my camera, so I'm waiting for Jenn to post hers.

Well I'm off to get some milk & whatever else I think I need to make it through the day of typing (aka some sugary snacks)


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