Tuesday, July 4


So tonight I went for a curry on Brick Lane with Joe (from Manchester), Jen (Calgary, CA), Andy (Scotland), and Ian (north London), and Susan (Hamden, CT).

We met up at uni around 6.15pm, took the tube over to Liverpool Street Station, and meandered our way to Brick Lane - got haggled by all the Indian places & found a place with free drinks & 25% discount. It was great!

We then walked back towards the tube station & found a pub called Jamie's, which had outdoor seating & HUGE flat screen tvs that were facing outside so we sat and watched the second half of the Germany v Italy game - turned out that the last 2 minutes of the 2nd ET was the only part that mattered . . . Hats off to Italy!!!!!! (final score 2-0)

Well I'm ruddy knackered so I'm gonna head to bed now . . . speak soon, Tarra.


At 05 July, 2006 16:50, Blogger Andrew said...

Brick Lane was excellent - I went to an Indian resturaunt there with the Lexia people. Great food.

Really miss London...

Me and two British guys working here raised the Union flag over the camp July 3rd. :)


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