Thursday, July 6

Why support

scientific research?? Well thanks to Lou's lil bro, Neal's blog I found this article, which you can all read by clicking right here.

TGIAF (Thanks Goodness It's Almost Friday) is all I have to say, I'm bloody knackered, all this hot weather & no A/C has really drained me this week - I mean how can you be expected to wear a lab coat & gloves when it's 33C outside and about 30C in the lab? I think it's a safety hazard, the guy who works next to be in the lab literally had a few mini puddles of sweat on the ground, I could have slipped & hurt myself!!

Well I've got training on the CCD microscope today, "how to look at histology properly" sounds like fun, ah??? Should be, the machine is worth the same as buying a 1 bedroom flat in central London!

Here is a photo of our new home (Arsenal football that is): beautiful I tell ya!!!!

A shot of the stadium bowl taken from the south stand


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