Thursday, July 6

Carbon nanotubes and HeLa cells

So today I took photos of some of the slides that I've stained :) I will soon be able to save them to memory stick & then hopefully post them for all of you to see as well - aren't you excited about that?!?!?! I know you will all be waiting with baited breathe, or at least you should be ;)

A wee bit more science for ya today, check out
this site and this paper both sent to me by Scott, Patty's mate from Clarkson Uni. Scott's dad was just diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer and having to undergo chemo & radiation therapy, but so far seems to be having few side effects & has a bright out look. He asked if I knew anything about this stuff . . . which I didn't.

Times like these when I feel oh super lucky to be healthy!

On Saturday we're going to Cambridge. "We" being: Amanda, Dom, Doug, Jen, Sohel, Susan, and me. We're going to go punting & visit with Kathy, Tim, Jackson (12), Bella (6), along with Poppa & Vivian (Chas' paternal grandfather & step grandmother) who will have just arrived from RI the day before!! Should be "uber-fun" (that's yet another one of the many famous Dom expressions)

OMG, how have I forgotten to tell you, I had Eritrean food for dinner last night, down near Oval tube station, it was sooooo interesting, nearly impossible to describe, but I will try to find photos & a description on the web. Well let me start by asking, who knows where & what Eritrea is . . . click here for more info. So one of the majorly cool parts to the meal is that you eat with your fingers (who doesn't love that idea?!?!) The "Injera" which is a spongy crepe-like bread (slightly sour), is almost always eaten with Eritrean stews, they typically used the injera as both plate and utensils. The injera are layered on a round table and the stews are piled on top -- then more injera are used to scoop up and eat the stew and of course once the stew is gone the injera underneath it are suffused with all the yummy juices.

Okay it won't let me upload photos at the mo, but I'll get you some of the injera later on when blogger is working better, now I'm going to attempt yet again to write more of my introduction for this gosh-darn thesis paper.


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