Monday, July 3


Has anyone ever done immunohistochemistry with FOXP3 antibody? We followed the protocol today & it didn't work :( course the buffer they sent us turned very cloudy when we micorwaved it so that might be the problem, gonna use the buffer that I've made up and see where that gets me tomorrow - just figured if anyone at TI had any clues I'd take them up on it.

I got a parcel today!! From my In-Law-Mom (JET in RI) she sent me my much loved coffee syrup, some herbs and a photo magnet. Course the last of which is more of a gag gift for her son when he comes to visit in August, but I'm gonna be sure to play it up!!! Oh I just found these which I took awhile back but forgot to post them - my free bag with the conference programme, the t-shirt I won and my free pens.

Look at all those free pens :)

Well just had myself some spaghetti & a glass of coffee milk, now off to brush my teeth & try to get some shut eye early!


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