Monday, May 29

Bank Holiday

Today is a Bank Holiday here in the UK so we all have it off, course that means that nothing is open, which is rather annoying when you planned on getting some errands done! It's funny the way they have bank holidays instead of named holidays like we do in the states.

I had a wee lie in this morning, woke up around 11, but stayed in bed dozing on & off till around noon - it was fantastic! Just put my wash in (hence there is sun outside my window now) and having some lemon zinger tea.

I received photos from two of my best friends in the states today, taken over the weekend of their children playing together - they are super cute!!! I replied back with "you two should get married & have a child, (I'll be the godmother & spoil him/her to death), as well as the others . . . Can't wait to hear the reply on that one!!!

Oh bugger I can't remember the point of this post, hmmm . . . oh maybe it was to tell you about a word I think everyone should know & try to fit it into a conversation this week, urticaria (medical term for hives), but way cooler sounding.

Well I'm off to get some caffeinated tea, gotta get my brain sorted for this exam that's only three weeks from today - the excitement of studying just never ends around here, lol!


At 30 May, 2006 19:46, Blogger Shannon said...

Yeah those darn kids are super cute! ;)
Actually the other half of the couple isn't half bad himself!

At 30 May, 2006 19:56, Blogger Sara said...

Very true! Everyone in the family is beautiful & wonderful and I MISS THEM ALL!!!!


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