Sunday, November 9

a few camera phone photos

on murano island in venice italy
showing off one of the many canals in venice
christmas lights on regent street, london
the london eye with kaylie
kaylie & me on the southbank showing off our new hats



At 09 November, 2008 17:30, Anonymous dad said...

Great pics...i remember that canel in Venice! lol the glass sclpture looks cool. i missed that island on my visit in 1960...yes, eons ago.

fun to see and share and loved you and Kaylie's new hats

At 09 November, 2008 19:19, Blogger mary o said...

how photogenic you are! Love the hats--perhaps better than the ones you and Patty wore a long time ago! LOL

Love, Mommio

At 11 November, 2008 14:59, Blogger Sara said...

thanks mom & dad - I think this hat is much more appropriate for wearing out & about!!

At 11 November, 2008 20:19, Blogger The Self Promotional Tour said...

I love that your still an adventurer. Look me up on facebook sometime or give me a ring.


Disco San Andreas


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