Sunday, December 2

en route to Chaing Mai

Leaving Bangkok in about an hour via a night train to Chaing Mai. It's been a lovely 3 days in Bangkok, where it is flippin hot, especially in the sun!!!

Brief update:

Saturday after arriving in Bangkok, Anna & I walked from our hotel to what we thought was the grand palace, turned out to be wat po where the 2nd largest reclining Buddha is (largest is only 1m longer), then we came back to the hotel for a wee nap whilst waiting for Tash's boyfriend Rob to arrive. After he'd showered we went up to the 24th floor sky lounge to see the sky lit up & the full moon. Nute (Dave M's host child about 10 years ago) picked us up there with her fiance Charlie & took us to the locals celebration of Lai Kutung festival on the river - we took a boat over the river after watching the beautiful boat parade, then eat some wonderful food & hiked up the pagoda, made wishes on our kutungs before placing them in the water, then back to the hotel to get Anna to the airport, where upon we headed to the tourist strip (name of which evades me now).

Sunday morning Rob & I walked to the Grand Palace, toured around there, went to the BMK mall where we grabbed some food, then onto the sky train up to the weekend market, then back to the hotel for my group meeting. After that the group had dinner together in china town.

This morning - dressed in yellow (since Monday is yellow for the king day, pink is Tuesday for the queen) we headed to the pier to pick up our long boat for a tour of the river & canals, from there a detailed tour of wat po (where Anna & I had been on Saturday) then lunch near the naval base, then free afternoon. One of the girls on the trip is feeling a bit weird, so I went to the chemist to get her some paracetamol & motion sickness pills . . . amasing thing I learned you can buy anything you want without a prescription - including rather strong drugs!

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At 27 November, 2007 19:29, Anonymous DAD said...

So neat to read your report. When I was in Thailand, I felt they had the best kept temples and palaces in the East. Really kept up nice and clean and with new paint. Lovely! !

Fun to hear of boat rides and hikes too. keep enjoying it!


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