Thursday, August 16

what to do, what to say . . .

I've got notin new & exciting to tell ya'll . . . If I had more free time at work I'd sit & type out a daily log of what we did on holiday, but those 12 days where busy & I don't have that much time to type & which of you really wanted to read about it anyways?!?!?! (if you do let me know & I'll make an effort to write it all out)

In brief:
  • Saturday we arrived at Albany Int'l airport where dad picked us up, we slept at Auntie Ann's house that night
  • Sunday we lazed around on the lake & drove to Pete's house
  • Monday was a day full of NY State Trooper stuff
  • Tuesday we met up with my mate Matt C from Long Island in NYC
  • Wednesday we had Mexican food for dinner with Kristen, PJ, Corinne, Kim, Bill & Cyan
  • Thursday we spent the afternoon in CT visiting Kev, Sylwia, Owen, Maya & baby Grace and the afternoon/evening with Anne, John & Matt
  • Friday we vegged out at A&J's pool ALL DAY
  • Saturday we drove to Saranac Lake and went to a party
  • Sunday I had brunch with Maureen, Bob, and Matt while Jim went fishing. Afternoon was tubing & water skiing fun with Jason, Eric, Tom, Adam, Dan, Betty, and Kevin
  • Monday more fishing for Jim while I went to Trudeau & visited with Paula
  • Tuesday cooler weather so I hung with Miss Betty while Jim went fishing with Ace & John
  • Wednesday I went shopping with Shannon & Jim went fishing with Ace, Dan, and John (and fell in the lake just before we were suppose to leave!!) Drove to Dad's for dinner
  • Thursday drove to Albany, test drove 2 cars, went to Old Navy, post office, and Friendly's for an ice cream before ATTEMPTING to flying home - ended up hiring a car & driving back to Auntie Ann's house to sleep
  • Friday back to Albany airport & actually flying home with a 6 hour lay over in Philly & an hour of circling London's Gatwick airport & an hour on the runway waiting for a gate & another 1.5 hours waiting for luggage to arrive, but hey at least we got back!!

Well back to my lab work for now



At 16 August, 2007 15:49, Blogger jen said...

you know a lot of people! what a busy holiday!

At 17 August, 2007 04:37, Blogger BRAINCHEESE said...

You pack more in 12 days than I can pack in 12 MONTHS! Glad to hear you had a great time...but also glad you are back at your blog!

Linda D. in Seattle, WA, USA


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