Thursday, May 10

Thursday Thirteen #5

Thirteen Things about me - holiday locations

1. New Port Richy, Florida - been there dozens of times as my aunt still has a house & my grandparents lived there while they were alive (just next door to my aunt & uncle)

2. Honolulu, Hawaii - went in 1988 with my grandmother & immediate family - it was wonderful - I especially remember the black & green sand beaches

3. La Jolla, California - went to visit my mom's relatives

4. Austin, Texas - went to visit my cousin a few times

5. Rapid City, South Dakota - went to visit my "unk" (not really my uncle) & I remember driving his four wheeler all around with his dog sitting on the back with me

6. Omaha, Nebraska - went to visit my mom's cousins for her 60th birthday

7. Nantes, France - went on an exchange program in HS to learn French

8. Cape Town, South Africa - went for work with my boss but was able to visit with a mate who lived there & do a bit of touring around as well

9. Key West, Florida - went every March for about 2 weeks with all my friends from SL

10. Toulouse, France - went to visit my sister while she was working for a long weekend

11. Reus, Spain - went for 4 days during spring break last year with my mate Susan

12. Portland, Oregon - went to visit my mum at her new house for a week this past October & then two weeks at Christmas time - I think it will be lovely to visit again when it's not constantly raining (lol)

13. Edinburgh, Scotland - went with Amanda & Dom this past March after our MSc graduation



At 11 May, 2007 19:33, Anonymous Zee said...

What do you mean, "when it's not constantly raining"? It is ALWAYS constantly raining. Don't let anyone tell you differetn! :-D


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