Saturday, July 1

Fantastic games

So Italy & Germany will be playing again, after tonight's wins.

Germany 1-1 Argentina (Germany winning 4-2 in a penalty shot out)

Italy beating Ukraine 3-0

Now, if England can just beat Portugal tomorrow this city will be able to function, if not my ride home from Brixton could be a bit dodgy! I'm going to Dom's house for a BBQ tomorrow evening. Susan, Dave, Dom, Amanda & I will all be having hamburgers stuffed with cheese, cooked over real charcoal - YUMMERS!!!!!!!!!!

Got my double staining to work today . . . Just sad that I've not gotten any good comments or emails from any of my friends this week (well aside from DM, who's always good about emailing and LofB did leave me a comment, thanks :) Okay I'm off to bed now . . . tarra


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