Saturday, July 1

90 minutes up

So the score is still 0-0, and to be honest I'm not sure who will win this . . . David Beckham is out due to an ankle injury, Wayne, Wayne, Wayne, what were you thinking!?!??! guess his young age of 21 is showing through here! So Wayne Rooney is out on a red card (no need to stomp on another players private parts - very poor sportsmanship)

not sure why they are surprised it's a red card - what was he thinking?!?!!?

so England is playing one man down, but still holding their own :) I'll continue to keep ya posted even though I'm sure no one cares or even reads this blog anymore, but it gives me something to do on my study breaks and I know my mom & sis are still reading it so just wanted to tell them I miss & love them - hope they are enjoying their 4th of July weekend.

P.S. I've gotten through two T regulatory articles in the mean time. Mom do you remember which marker is used for Tregs?? (hint: the number is associated with my birthday ;)


At 01 July, 2006 18:22, Blogger Sara said...

extra time half time is still 0-0, and England has never won in a World Cup penalty shoot out (keep those fingers crossed!!)


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