Thursday, January 29

Keeping up with my new year resolution

As you know I've started off my 2009 new years resolution as planned (for those of you who've forgotten, it's to visit a different (and preferably new) country every month. I started off the new year in Germany, then back in England until last weekend when I went to Switzerland, so I think 3 countries in 4 weeks is a good start! PLUS Switzerland was a "new" one for my list :) Here are the next few months planned out:
  • February - Vancouver for work & NY/CT for a few days
  • March - Morocco with mom for 4 days
  • April - probably Germany for Easter
  • May - Sofia, Bulgaria & NY for mom's birthday
  • June - Warsaw, Poland
  • July - maybe Copenhagen (but not planned yet)
  • August - waiting to see where the good deals on flights will be & then make a decision.
  • September - TN for Patty's 30th birthday party
  • October - hopefully Rwanda again
  • November & December are still unplanned - any suggestions?
Making my new "total" 25 countries visited in 31 years!
England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, France, Germany, Portugal, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Czech Republic, Thailand, Belgium, Switzerland, Russia, Laos, Vietnam, Costa Rica, Bahamas, Canada, USA, Rwanda, South Africa, Burundi, Kenya

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