Tuesday, October 28

Itafari Foundation

So as you all know I went to Rwanda with Vicky the president of the Itafari Foundation, for more details click on the link on the right hand side, I'm mentioned under travel archives (Itafari Board President, Victoria and Sara, an American scientist living in London, traveled to Rwanda to visit the people we serve, our partnering organizations, as well as review and audit all Itafari programs. Visit the Itafari Blog to learn about their adventures.)

You can also buy goats for a mere $25 to help child headed households (CHH) - Last year I gave everyone in my family one - Vicky even sends you a certificate which you can present as a great Christmas present! If you'd like more info about these CHH or how the program works feel free to contact Vicky or me.

Please also remember that even in these times of "financial crisis" there are still others who are suffering much more than we are!

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At 28 October, 2008 23:10, Blogger Vicky Trabosh said...

Can I just say that as someone who was actually part of garnet's life adventure that you described perfectly our wonderful trip. No really. You ought to write for a travel magazine - move over Rick Steves - Sister Mudugudu is comin' to town! Thank you so much for adding color commentary to the entire trip - during and post! You're the best - now everybody out there: BUY A GOAT - CHANGE A LIFE - AND HELP SISTER MUDUGUDU KNOW YOU READ HER GREAT BLOGS! Much love and murabeho for now, Mama Itafari aka Vic

At 28 October, 2008 23:55, Blogger Sara said...

Thanks Momma Itafari!!

much love to you & hope your cold is getting better fast

Sister Mudugudu xxoo

At 29 October, 2008 03:32, Anonymous susiej said...

Your comment was so inspiring... so are your insights into what you saw. I love what Vicky says, about you writing for a travel magazine. They need in-depth stories like yours.

We are adopting an animal this Christmas -- to feed a family, through Heifer. The kids want to pick out the animal.

(I hope you shared the vinegar tip with her for the cold. By the way, I have used red wine, and balsamic in a pinch, and it worked too!)

At 29 October, 2008 18:26, Anonymous dad said...

great report and fun to see you day to day reports too...

you were REAL busy,for sure....

At 31 October, 2008 02:53, Blogger mary o said...

I am continuing to read the blog entries. I liked the fox tales, so to speak. How wonderful that you and Vicky could be so easy with each other.

Do you have any photos of Jackqueline, our Rwandan child (I know she's not little)?

Love, Mommio


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